Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Transgender Etiquette Guide? Huh?

I found the Creating Change Conference last week in Dallas, quite engaging and extremely beneficial to my work in advocacy for the Transgender Community. I was so pleased to see so many of us there at the Conference, and found the coursework options so numerous. One thing I would like to put our Community to task with, and thus saving valuable space in the program guide, would be to remove the 'Transgender Etiquette Guide.'

As a transgender individual (and an advocate for not only the Transgender Community, but the LGBTIQ Community inclusively), I find myself with a bit of ire that this 'guide' is required. Oh, for certain, it is needed, but my ire is that we are yet not 'One Community' and there remains a need for this guide. Yet, if we are such a learned community of activists going to such an esteemed gathering of activists and advocates, one would certainly think that they are far past needing to be reminded to act civilized to those who might be transgender, gender queer, whatever.

It is quite obvious with such a need, that we as what I call 'Community' are in fact not. Perhaps a note to the Task Force would be in order, to have them place a "Gay and Lesbian Etiquette Guide" in the next Creating Change Program Guide. We that are transgender activists, certainly don't wish to make a faux pas as well....

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  1. Great post! Glad that you bring this up. I hope to make it to CC next year.
    Clair at TEEI