Thursday, December 24, 2009

Away In A Manger

away lays a stranger
no bed or a sheet
the cold wind is blowing
down the dark street

no where to go daily
the moonshine is bright
everyone disowns her
she lives in such fright

some shadows are moving
they are drawing near
they are disapproving
she only knows fear

she knows they hate her
she knows that they kill
she knows all the time
she has to take her pill

the others have blankets
the others have a bed
the others have no problem
they are warm and fed

she only wants comfort
she only wants plans
they turn their back on her
for they know she is trans

Robyn Carolyn Montague

Monday, December 21, 2009

Myopia and Incoherency In Local Activism

Revlon Robyn shares the word of the day: Myopia: (my·o·pi·a) n. Nearsightedness, or myopia, as it is medically termed, is a vision condition in which close objects are seen clearly, but objects farther away appear blurred.

Definitions of 'Myopia': A selfish condition where the vision is only seen close at hand for oneself, rather than the result in the long term goals for all.

Myopic activism: How one only sees how it affects them personally, rather than for the common good of the Community.

Myopic: Where there is no L, G, B, or T in the word as a common goal, where should be, there should be none without that thought of LGBT as one.

Definition of Coherent: co⋅her⋅ent  /koʊˈhɪərənt, -ˈhɛr-/ –adjective 1. logically connected; consistent: a coherent argument. 2. cohering; sticking together:

Coherent Activism: Working together, with equality for the entire Community as one shared and common vision, without division.

Where we must be, is a common voice for our common ideals. If we do not have that, then we are a Community of Activists that are dysfunctional. And as any in any entity that is dysfunctional, we need to correct that so our voice is heard correctly and not that which provides a voice divided.

We all work together, yet we have those specialities that are so desperately needed in working those ideals that are specific. But we share that common goal to meet at that same place called Equality, and there is no room for division.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lovely To See You Again, My Friend

Within a macrocosm such as the activism across the LGBTIQA Community, there are many aspects of it that are shared by all, not shared by all and of course, a fair bit of apathy across that same population.


Early on in my activism for the Trans, I was approached by a person asking why I was not out on the streets holding up a sign for healthcare reform. The person stated that I was not supportive and it was a reflection of apathy and that of uncaring for those uninsured, on my part. At that time, any number of people within the local community were active in that movement and across the nation, there must have been thousands and thousands of people active in that movement.

My answer was simple: Why are you not holding up a sign for the Trans? I see you out there supporting everything but them. You have ten bazillion friends helping you, and I am out there by myself. Am I complaining, no, simply stating the facts, simply stating that there is no one for the Trans, so, here I am. If you want to help, fine, if not, leave me alone, I am busy fighting the hate and oppression that you cannot even become to understand.

Then there is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and there is Marriage Equality. Some are fighting for equal rights in marriage, I am fighting for equal rights to use a bathroom.

Are we really fighting each other?

The answer is simple.

We all have our passions, we all have our calling and we all will meet at a nice place called Equality. The work of all, whether it be on the same issue or not, is important to us as a Community. And how we get there is meaningless.

At least I hope so.

”Lovely to see you again, my friend

Walk along with me to the next bend” - The Moody Blues

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What is important to You? Vote In Revlon Robyn's Poll!

Here's a chance to voice your opinion on your order of importance of DADT, DOMA and ENDA .... The poll is open until Dec 31st.

Repeal of Defense Of Marriage Act
Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
Passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

(Poll is in upper right-hand corner of this page)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Revlon Robyn's Response to the Transphobic Blog

Response to Transphobic Posting in The Bilerico Project

"Personally, I feel the post speaks for itself and of the author. With the content said as it was, the obvious rebuttal is that the author is not Trans and therefore has no qualification other than to say "I am an expert because I found nothing on Wiki that justifies one being Trans."

I have run across enough marginalization by those that detract the Trans, including the LGB's (said of the Community) to simply ignore it and press forward in education of those that think in that manner.

The obvious solution to this is simply get a copy of this (and of all of the response commentary) and use it as a good example of the description of Transphobia for that education of others."

Trust her, the "T" will never being silent as long as she is around...and she is not going away anytime soon...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

While You Were Out - You were fired!

Congratulations, You're Fired! We do not like that you look gay. We do not like that your hairstyle makes you look like a lesbian. Are you a lesbian - You're fired. Why are you wearing women's clothing? We don't think that you should be using the Ladies Room - You're fired. Normal men do not wear pink shirts, you must be gay, You're fired. Women not wearing skirts must be lesbian - You're fired. Men do not wear make up - You're fired. We have heard that you date both men and women - You're fired. We saw you holding hands with another man - You're fired. You like Lady Gaga, you must be gay - You're fired.

In twenty-nine states - including the State of Missouri - you can be fired from your job for any of the above reasons. In thirty-eight states - including the State of Missouri - you can be fired from your job if your employer believes that you are transgender.

While you have been out to lunch, discussing DOMA, Maine, DADT, Congress has decided that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is not important enough to bother them. While you have been out to lunch, your employer has decided that you are gay, simply by that fancy pink silk shirt that your mother gave you for your birthday. And he fired you.

While you were out to lunch, you were fired. Do you finally get the message that while you were out to lunch, ENDA got shelved and your boss fired you, simply because he doesn't like you, because you look transgender?

Call your Congressional Delegation, tell them to put down their lunch, and pass ENDA. NOW!

No, This "T" is not Silent. No, she is not going away anytime soon. Yes, she has called her Congressional Delegation. Have you?