Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lovely To See You Again, My Friend

Within a macrocosm such as the activism across the LGBTIQA Community, there are many aspects of it that are shared by all, not shared by all and of course, a fair bit of apathy across that same population.


Early on in my activism for the Trans, I was approached by a person asking why I was not out on the streets holding up a sign for healthcare reform. The person stated that I was not supportive and it was a reflection of apathy and that of uncaring for those uninsured, on my part. At that time, any number of people within the local community were active in that movement and across the nation, there must have been thousands and thousands of people active in that movement.

My answer was simple: Why are you not holding up a sign for the Trans? I see you out there supporting everything but them. You have ten bazillion friends helping you, and I am out there by myself. Am I complaining, no, simply stating the facts, simply stating that there is no one for the Trans, so, here I am. If you want to help, fine, if not, leave me alone, I am busy fighting the hate and oppression that you cannot even become to understand.

Then there is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and there is Marriage Equality. Some are fighting for equal rights in marriage, I am fighting for equal rights to use a bathroom.

Are we really fighting each other?

The answer is simple.

We all have our passions, we all have our calling and we all will meet at a nice place called Equality. The work of all, whether it be on the same issue or not, is important to us as a Community. And how we get there is meaningless.

At least I hope so.

”Lovely to see you again, my friend

Walk along with me to the next bend” - The Moody Blues

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  1. "Some are fighting for equal rights in marriage, I am fighting for equal rights to use a bathroom."

    That is a quote every member of the cis homotocracy needs to read.

    I would have agreed with that person's comment --had it been directed at one of the cisnormative HRC-sexuals. But you are absolutely right...transgender people HAVE to focus on fighting for their own rights--hell, for their very lives--because we still live in a culture where it is considered socially acceptable to praise the murder of someone for "concealing" their "true" gender (e.g., Angie Zapata, Gwen Araujo, and on and on and on).

    Great post.