Friday, December 11, 2009

Revlon Robyn's Response to the Transphobic Blog

Response to Transphobic Posting in The Bilerico Project

"Personally, I feel the post speaks for itself and of the author. With the content said as it was, the obvious rebuttal is that the author is not Trans and therefore has no qualification other than to say "I am an expert because I found nothing on Wiki that justifies one being Trans."

I have run across enough marginalization by those that detract the Trans, including the LGB's (said of the Community) to simply ignore it and press forward in education of those that think in that manner.

The obvious solution to this is simply get a copy of this (and of all of the response commentary) and use it as a good example of the description of Transphobia for that education of others."

Trust her, the "T" will never being silent as long as she is around...and she is not going away anytime soon...

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