Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where will Israel Luna be, on November 20, 2010?

The title of the film ”Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives” sets the stage. The film is trash. Why a prominent film festival would wish to offer this selection is far beyond cognitive thought. Israel Luna is a gay, cisgender man. How he would know anything of what it is to be transgender is beyond me and in his own words, is paraphrased here as saying ‘why bash gay men, when there are transgender people to bash.’

For the transgender people who think ‘tranny’ is a cool word to use, wait a few years, then take a look in the mirror at yourself when others call you that in the despicable manner that it is intended to be used. When you reach that point and find it pisses you off, you can call GLAAD now that you realize you are being marginalized. And when you realize that the depiction of a woman being beaten with a baseball bat is not theatrical drama, comedy or satire, my thought is that you have finally realized the implication of how transpeople are brutally assaulted and murdered for no other reason than being one’s identity is seen as being different.

The reason I find this movie objectionable is that perpetuates the myth that transgender people are less than human, being dehumanized because of who we are and our journey to have our gender identity properly recognized. The path this film takes is dangerous because it puts transgender people at risk. It glorifies the violence we face at any given moment. How many murders and other acts of violence will it take to educate people that we are people and to stop the hate? This movie will simply help perpetuate the need for Family gatherings every November 20th, to memorialize the new names written down with the blood of my brothers and sisters. And where will Israel Luna be on November 20th of this year?

Tell him I will keep some time open to chat with him on that day, but tell him to bring along his own box of tissues.