Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Demeaning Of The Trans By The RFT

I find a current cover story of the RiverFront Times appalling and abhorent in which they provide unnecessary and lurid details of a transwoman that is perhaps facing time in prision. The story subjugates this woman beyond comphrehension and this story has absolutely no respect whatsoever and goes beyond the boundaries of decency of the personal and private portions of the life of one that is Transgender.

I find this story so totally abhorhent and demeaning not only to the subject, but also to the Transgender Community of Metropolitan St. Louis (and of course meaning all that are Trans). Whether or not the subject of this story approved this or not, the descriptions in this article go beyond decency and approach the thought of patent transphobia.

Several friends brought my attention to this article done by the River Front Times (a St. Louis 'what's happening' print/online magazine), that dealt with a Transwoman who is in some rather legal hot water. While the story in itself is sensationalistic, the RFT went beyond journalistic decency when it went into details beyond what was necessary for the point of her legal matters.

This sorry article went from those legal matters, to describing the issues she has been going through during her transition as many of the Transwomen do, the events leading up to, the issues with her family and then it really went to hell. The woman, in her interview was asked of some of the medical details of her transition. When I spoke to the woman, who called me last night, she had been of the opinion that some of the questions were simply of interest and not for the article and shared some answers that she is apparently regretting now, including intimate details of her post-surgery care.

The woman explained to me that what went from an innocuous sharing in this interview, was a sheaf of notes that the reporter kept hungrily writing. When all said and done, the article had her pretty much looking like some crazed Transgender person running around in underwear about to rally to battle like some crazed anarchist.

The article as published, denigrates the transgender community to lowest level of humanity. It delves into the most intimate secrets of our transitional health care. If you have read the article, you know exactly what I am talking about. I posted a comment to the story, in which I denounced this magazine for publishing it. No doubt the claim will be that the woman signed a release, but that should not give free license to the article as it was written. In a chat with another prominent Trans in the region, I am of the understanding she will be contacting the RFT directly.

RevlonRobyn has been sharpening her claws for a long time this morning. She has brought out her finest surgical steel files and rasps, a micrometer for that precision shaping and the bench grinder is on over in the corner to finish the precision edge.....

This 'T' remains forever non-silent.

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