Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sees opposition to the Hate Crimes Law this way: The ones that oppose it, do so, simply for the fact it takes away from them, what they feel is a right to murder.

Robyn spoke at the Rainbow Alliance last evening, the LGTIQAXYZ123 ;) group at St Louis University. A cross between 'TRANS 101' and 'TransAction 101' she spoke on such things running from etiquette in conversation to hate crimes. She made the statement that the 'Trans are still so excluded, that Fred Phelps (GodHatesFags) doesn't even make a remark about them on his websites of hate.' The statement brought out a good laugh, but Robyn continued on, stating that 'actually it is a bad thought, in that his (Phelps) hate refuses to recognize the Trans as people.'

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  1. Since then, in a new webpage search, Phelps does mention the Trans and in a most despicable manner....