Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grass Roots Exclusion

Well, here we go again. Grass roots exclusion as a tool of activism, that is, the activism of the 'Cisgender Agenda.' As stated in my commentary back at this bitch, with transphobic activism such as this, it makes the old HRC / Trans rift seem nothing more than than an agrument between two children. Robyn saw it like this, after reading the article in the Bilerco Project postings early this morning:

"Remind me not to invite this 'person' over for tea. And when the LGB's come over yet again and again looking for donations and handing out invitations for fundraising events for the 'cisgender agenda,' remind me to give them a copy of this article instead.

What is infuriating about this article, is that it cheerfully and without caution, threatening all the efforts and energy expended towards Trans inclusion as part of the Community. And the Tran's inclusion of the L's and G's and B's (said as a Community, of course). These comments make the old HRC / Trans rift seem like a childrens spat over which Barbie doll one gets to play with...

My point is simple: We should be working together as a Community for a purpose, that being inclusive and not devisive. Working my activism in the (St Louis) Community (which I do inclusivly for the ENTIRE community), I was appalled to find that in room of about 75 people (95% LGB), over two thirds of them thought that ENDA was something special for the Trans! When they heard that here in Missouri that they could be fired for being "LGB" they were totally shocked. Activism? Where in the hell were the LGB activists of STL? How come it took a TRANS activist to get them to listen?

This article is incredibly dumb. And don't get me riled up on the numbers of the Trans population, the fact is we haven't been counted. And with her transphobic approach to activism, maybe we never will. Thanks. Hmmmmm, checking in my bag, I have a few extra dollars...since I no longer need to earmark this for LGB causes, maybe a new pair of shoes is in order....(and the Revlon Red claws need sharpening)."

This 'T' isn't silent.



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  2. Noting that the author disclosed that she is Trans, RevlonRobyn after reading the 44 angry comments directed at the blogger's post, found no value in the sham whatsoever. I am in the thought that probably 50 Activist working hours were needlessly expended, instead of focusing on the real issues, not the made-up and bored world of another.

  3. Saw in the Bilerco Project today that the count of angry comments eventually exceeded 90. Wow. The commentary included the fact is that the orginal post gained such notoriety that execs of major LGBTIQAXYZ123 organizations were reading the post...