Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Word Comes To Mind, To You?

RevlonRobyn wishes to thank all the following, who all, in one way or another, kept her going through the days and days leading up to and during these days of Remembrance. While it may seem trivial to some, each contributed to her keeping her tasks and thoughts on track. A meeting here, a workshop there, a luncheon there and each of those fine establishments that all know how to make a good ‘Club Soda with a twist of lime.’ There were those that brought inspiration and those that brought both relaxing and thought provoking entertainment and those that said ‘sure – no problem’ when she needed a place to change outfits. Youth and Elders, Students and Workers, Clergy and Laypeople, and a friend that escorted her whenever she didn’t feel safe. Some were Lesbian, some were Gay, some were Bisexual and some were Heterosexual. And yes, of course, some were Trans. And of course, there were so many that contributed to producing and conducting all of the Transgender Day of Remembrance Events.

Among those that kept her going in different ways were Washington University in St Louis, St Louis University, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, St John's Episcopal (Tower Grove) Church, Growing American Youth, LGBT Community Center of Metro St. Louis, Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis, Human Rights Campaign - St Louis, "Oh Really" Online Productions, Korner's, Novak's, Just John's, Bubby & Sissy's, Mia Rosa's, Cicero's, Mokabe's, SAGE - Metro St Louis, St. Louis Effort For Aids, That Uppity Theater Company, PROMO, Metro East Pride, and Pride St. Louis (now she wonders with whom has she forgotten?). There were the people of all of the above, yet there were more: those that wished her well, those that told her to keep the pace, those that told her to slow down. Those that agreed and those that did not, but still all unanimously, are her friends. Oh yeah: Her partner Carl and a Transcat named ‘Blu,’ and yes,.....the techs at her favorite 'claw' salon.

The word is (of course): Community. And yes, there is a "T" in that word, and it isn't silent.

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