Friday, November 6, 2009

Remember the Maine - Tomorrow

Miss Robyn is 100% for Marriage Equality, Repeal of DOMA - she cannot get legally married either, being trans doesn't fix anything for her. BUT - ENDA is what is on the serving plate right now....are we going to sit here and bellyache about Maine, while we let ENDA go down the drain? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to hear anything about Maine right now. You should be on the phone, talking ENDA.

RevlonRobyn has been following a lot of the rhetoric from the 'mouths of babes' with regard the loss in Maine. People blaming these folks, those folks, HRC, etc. C'mon, get with it. Everyone instead of getting back to work on issues like that, are spending all that good activism energy writing letters blaming people, etc. on Maine. Duh. It's over, let's move out and work to correct that....

(feels good to stretch out the Revlon Red claws)

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